10 Proven Ways for Men to Improve Sexual Wellness


Sex is an important aspect of one’s life. It is not just a bodily function that helps one in procreating; it is a way that helps us build stronger relationships with our partner. Additionally, it is a pleasurable activity that makes it a win-win situation to indulge in!
However, sex that is enjoyable for both partners is a result of many factors at play. A range of physical, psychological, interpersonal, and social factors influence one’s sexual experiences. Many men wonder if there is a way to improve their sexual wellness and combat issues even before they occur. Voila! You are at the right place. Here we list down 10 proven ways you can improve your sexual wellness and get going (in bed)

  1.     Manage Stress and Anxiety

It becomes hard to feel sexual when you're feeling anxious or stressed. Mental health plays a crucial role in your sexual desire. If you face any such difficulty you can try therapy, medications, and/or natural healing methods like meditation. Also, learn stress management techniques as it provides great help.
  1.     Sleep like a baby

A good night's sleep is a key to good health. When you have difficulties in sleeping, many different health problems come up, including low libido and sexual dysfunction. Therefore, it is important to get a good night’s sleep every night to maintain overall sexual health.
  1. Build a strong emotional relationship with your partner

For one to feel better while connecting physically, it is important to connect emotionally. If you have been with your partner for a long time, you might feel that the passion has faded. However, there are some activities that you can try to bring that fire back. Some of them try cooking together, scheduling date nights, going on vacation together, or performing more intentional touching together. When you feel better in your relationship emotionally, you are more likely to want to be intimate with your partner. Focus on effective communication and be open to feedback.
  1.     Adopt an active lifestyle

One of the best ways to improve your sexual health is cardiovascular exercise. Just as sex gets your heart rate up, regular exercising improves your performance, boosts your libido, and keeps your body in a good shape.
  1.     Nutritious food

While it is no surprise that nutritious food helps in every aspect of your life, there are some foods that specifically assist in achieving better blood flow in the body. For example, fresh whole grains, legumes, bananas, peppers, onion, and garlic. Additionally, it is advisable to include sexual wellness supplements like Mysha Nutrition ShaktiSutra capsules in your diet which ensures proper intake of all nutrients.
  1.     Break Bad Habits

According to research, it is proven that smoking is a significant cause of sexual dysfunction in men. Many studies have found out that a majority of men who suffer from erectile dysfunction are smokers. Additionally, it also reduces sperm count and quality, damages the small arteries that send blood to the penis thereby making it difficult to maintain an erection at times. However, some people believe that alcohol is a libido enhancer but it's actually a depressant. It just gives you an initial boost in your desire for sex which is just temporary. Alcohol and other drugs pose a negative impact on parts of your body that are important for sexual function. Therefore, it is important to break these bad habits if you want to improve your overall sexual health.
  1.     Go out in the sun

Melatonin is a hormone in the body that regulates sleep-wake cycles and it also quiets your sexual urges. Darkness triggers the body to produce more melatonin. Therefore, it is important to go out in the sun! Sunlight helps in stopping the body’s production of melatonin. Less melatonin in the body results in the potential for more sexual desire. Get outside and let the sun hit your skin. It can help wake up your sex drive. Sunlight becomes more crucial, especially during the winter months.  
  1.     Try out yoga

Want to spice things up in your sex life? Want to try out some new positions? Try out practicing yoga as it will give you better sex. How? Well, yoga allows your body to get into creative positions and thus results in maximum pleasure during intercourse. Experts suggest that Yoga helps your flexibility which can result in better sex. It also improves your stamina and some of the yoga poses improve pelvic muscles. Therefore, try out poses like Bow Pose, Peacock Pose, and Shoulder Stand.
  1.     Use Lube

Many people have misconceptions about using lube. But, if you haven’t tried it yet, Just do it because it is one of the best enhancers to your sex life. It will make sex more enjoyable, flexible, comfortable, and longer-lasting.


  1. Nutritional Supplements for Sexual Health

If you are facing some problems that are persisting for a long time, make sure you include supplements in your diet. Many a time’s health issues can be a result of improper nutrition in our diets. One such supplement is Mysha Nutrition ShaktiSutra capsules which are made from 100% natural ingredients. It offers a variety of benefits including energizes the body, increases erection time, helps in combating premature ejaculation and builds stamina. Not only does it promote increased blood flow to the sexual organ, it also helps in improving sperm quality and count. It has natural ingredients like Ashwagandha, Safed musli and  Brahmi to name a few. These capsules shall be consumed twice a day with warm milk for improving overall health and well-being.

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