How to Lose Weight? In Short Time with 4 Simple Steps

Four Simple Steps to lose weight that actually works :-

  1. Eating Habits:

    Basic steps to reduce weight or fat or slimming mantra-

    Calorie Intake < Calorie Output  (Calorie intake should be less than calorie exhaust per day)

    This means you should eat wisely so that you take less calories from food and exhaust more than taken. Also your nutritional requirement should be fulfilled.

    Simple steps to reduce calorie intake:

    • Keep in mind anytime if you eat, you should have some protein in your diet.

    • Eat a more protein diet like Sprouts and Vegetables.

    • Take a Fibrous diet at night like Salads including Cucumber, Carrot, etc..

    • Take food on time on a daily basis.

    • Replace unhealthy food with healthy food.

    • Incorporate healthy fat (Unsaturated fat) in your diet like milk and Desi Ghee, Mustard Oil, Olive Oil.

    • Avoid Refined Oils

    • Avoid refreshments like tea and other high calorie liquids.

    • Avoid spicy, oily, junk and deep fried foods. 

    1. Exercises :

    Second most appropriate and natural method of losing weight is exercises. Also, research shows that exercise helps to improve mood & keeps happy.

    To get a skinny and slim figure, daily exercise of 30-40 minutes is most important.

    Some of easy to do exercises:

    • Always Start with light exercises and move forward to resistance exercises.

    • Daily Morning Walk of 30 minutes followed by 10 minutes of jogging.

    • 10 minutes jogging, 10 minutes Cycling, 10 minutes of interval Skipping.

    • 30 minutes of cardio workout followed by 30 minutes of weight lifting.

    • High Intensity Exercises

    1. Health Supplements:

    Health Supplements or Food Supplements are manufactured products intended to supplement the diet for certain types of functions or nutrition.

    Health supplements or dietary supplements used to reduce weight fat are called Fat Burner / Fat Cutter.

    1.  Control Your Environment :

    Another simple strategy to help reduce calories is to control the environment - everything from setting up your kitchen with many healthy options to choosing the right restaurants. 

    That means avoiding the temptation by staying away from the restaurants you can eat. And when it comes to parties, "eat healthy snacks in advance so you don't starve, and choose when filling your plate in the restaurant," suggests Ward. 

    Before going back for more food, wait at least 15 minutes and drink a large glass of water.

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