Being in Ayurveda from last 20 years, most of the times people ask me “Who is the father of Ayurveda and why?”, “who is the father of Ayurveda in ancient times and in the modern world”, “Who invented Molecular Ayurveda” and who is the father of Ayurvedic surgery so today, I thought to inform and explain all these queries one by one.

Who is known as The Father of Ayurveda?

On the basis of  Veda’s and Puranas, the father of Ayurveda is known as “Shri Dhanvantri”, also known as the avatar of the Hindu God Vishnu Ji, National Ayurveda Day is also celebrated every year during their birthday.

Father of Ayurveda Significance

Ayurveda Physician chakra ji is known as Father of Ayurveda, 300 years ago, he was re-researched on Ayurveda and it was given a new form of Ayurveda called molecular Ayurveda. The second important role played by Father of Ayurveda “Chakra ji”

Who is the Father of Ayurveda in modern’s World?

In Modern’s world Dr. Muhameed  Majeed is also known as the father of molecular Ayurveda, well there is only a one father Shri Dhanvantri but according to modern times, Dr. Muhameed contributes too much in Ayurveda so we can also say that As a Father Of Ayurveda.

Muhameed Majeed was born in Kerala and later they represent the Indian Ayurveda to American peoples, So Today Indian Ayurveda is famous in all the world. Dr. Muhammed who known as the father of modern Indian Ayurveda also encouraging with a lot of prizes from President.

Who invented molecular Ayurveda and what are the benefits?

Dr. Muhammed who is known as the father of molecular Ayurveda was invented molecular Ayurveda in 300 bc. After the deep research of Ayurveda, they invent the new form of Ayurveda. That is called modern molecule Ayurveda they give a new way to Ayurveda and later their research was famous in all the world.

if we talk about today’s world, American peoples use Ayurveda medicine more than Indian peoples and our Indians use chemical tablets comparison in Ayurveda.That is the shameless thing for our Indians because Ayurveda was invented by Indians.

Benefits of molecular Ayurveda

  1. One of the largest benefit of molecular Ayurveda it has no side effects.
  2. Molecular Ayurveda decrease stress, yoga meditation removes stress from your body
  3. Ayurvedic medicine equalizes the hormonal balance of body that doesn’t effect on your growth.
  4. Molecular Ayurvedic medicine cleans your body completely because molecular medicine direct work on the reason of disease so disease can’t be attacked again.
  5. Ayurveda doesn’t effect on our skin Because generally, we saw chemical tablets effect on our skin its increase swelling on our face. So this also a great thing about Ayurvedic medicine

Have you ever heard of Ayurvedic surgery? if no I can tell you why its necessary and help you.

As you know Ayurveda is a combination of Ayur = life + Veda=Science (life + science)Ayurveda Surgery use healings for the treatment of any disease in our body. They focus on that disease don’t come again in future. Via the healings vibration takes birth in our body and these vibrations later’s convert in Positive Energy. This positive energy use.

Who invented Ayurvedic surgery?

Well, Ayurvedic surgery starts in old times, the father of Ayurveda invent Ayurvedic surgery also with Ayurvedic medicine. But according to the modern world, A group of doctors in Meerut uses this surgery first time. This treatment was done on allergic disease and it gets best results and treatment being successful. After that surgery people take so much trust in Ayurveda surgery.

lets I explain the benefits and disadvantages of Ayurvedic surgery.

Benefits of Ayurvedic surgery

  1. There is no any side effect of Ayurvedic surgery
  2. Ayurvedic surgery removes the disease with the help of healing power.
  3. Ayurveda has no side effects on human skin commonly I saw there is always side effect on your face when you take English medicine.

Disadvantages of Ayurvedic surgery

  1. There is only a time disadvantage of ayurvedic medicine because its take a long time, comparison to other medicines.

Ayurveda Charaka

Charaka is also known as the principle of Ayurveda. Charaka develops the lifestyle and system in ancient india.charaka was also known as the father of medicine.

According to Charaka no any disease of our body is permanent. Its all come from dirty food and polluted environment. Charaka was also First introduced the concept of metabolism and digestions. According to Charaka, there are only three types of diseases vata, pita and cough If you win on these three diseases you can totally live healthy in whole life.





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