Either you are a body builder or a skinny guy (very thin person), I understand that you need to gain muscle mass but how? What will be the right way to gain muscle mass without any side effect?

Yes, I also understand that today weight management is a big challenge for all of us either it is losing weight or gaining weight. And that’s why I am here with the prospectives of gainings, processes to gain muscle mass and what are the ancient herbs that could actually help you to gain muscle mass.

But! But! But!

Here is a Warning: Either don’t read this article or read it fully because Lack of Information could harm you! Stay inline and if you have any question, ask us in a comment section or you can follow us @ whatsapp web too.

Generally athletes or bodybuilders use supplements that are high in calories. But experts & dietitian recommends natural home made diet to increase weight as the best way.

Most of the time, these health enthusiasts eat anything without knowing nutrition value of food. So atleast Bodybuilders & skinny guy should know about their diet – what to eat or what not to eat.

People use to eat anything or everything while gaining which is absolutely wrong. Whereas people should always take care of NUTRITION VALUE of diet.

Mainly Gaining has two perspective:

  1. Gaining fat
  2. Gaining Muscle mass

Let us elaborate both the perspectives.

Gaining Fat

Mainly 90% of Gainer food supplements are found to be high in calorie whereas lesser in protein which leads to storage of these calorie in the form of glycogen in the body which then turns into fat.

However, food supplements to gain fat is just like burning your hard earned money, i.e. a complete wastage.

Since you can gain weight by just adding extra calories in your food.

Gaining weight is based on the principle

Calorie intake > Calorie out

(Calorie intake should be higher than calorie exhaust or calorie spent per day & You are good to go for gaining fat)

Weight gaining can be done with a regular diet. To gain weight it is important to intake more calorie than you burn on the daily basis for a certain period of time.

On an average basis, a person exhaust 1800-2000 calories per day. So, to increase fat content person should consume calorie more than 2500 by normal food.

Increase in fat content or weight in the body does not mean that body gain muscle mass.

Gaining Muscle Mass:

There is always a requirement of Clean Gaining. During Gaining phase it is important to gain maximum muscle mass. So while gaining, food supplement or diet should have appropriate ratio of 3 major nutrients


This is approximate ratio which can differ 5-10% from person to person Whereas at the same times,  micros (Vitamins & minerals) are equally important.

You know what, it happens many a times that person on high protein diet even not generate more muscles than the normal ones.

Remember: Our body use Carbs or Calories to repair & grow muscles.

Let’s talk about the process through which we can intake appropriate ratio of protein, fat and carbohydrate.

There are 2 types of processes occurs in our body & in our muscles also:

Anabolism: process of making up of muscles

Catabolism: process of breaking up of muscles

So you need to make sure that your body works in Anabolism process and if  you are high in catabolic processes, getting muscle could be very difficult to you but natural herbal anabolic ingredient will help in reformatting the body and get it convert into anabolic state.

And if you are having good anabolism in the body, so you can get muscle mass easily.

Here are 7 most powerful, most important natural herbal ingredients to increase anabolism and to build muscle mass:

These are the ancient herbs which are in use from last as many as 3000 years.

  1. Ashwagandha

    The very famous ancient herb found to be used in more than 90% of herbal products. Ashwagandha is also known as Indian Ginseng. In India, we call Ashwagandha as Rasayana means which strengthens our body all 7 tissues i.e. plasma, blood, muscle, fat, bone, nerve and reproductive tissues.

Root of Ashwagandha is commonly used to increase muscle strength, power & to build new muscles. Ashwagandha roots contains Withanolides which are responsible for its muscle growth activity.


  1. Shataveri

    Second most important herbs to increase muscle growth naturally is Shataveri.

Shataveri utilises body glycogen & fatty acid stores to build muscle mass. Shataveri also boost androgen or natural testosterone which results in higher rate of muscle growth.


  1. Gokhru

    After Ashwagandha & Shataveri, Gokhru or Tribulus or Gokshura is most important to increase muscle growth. Gokhru increases muscle strength by increasing the oxygen supply in the muscles while exercise so reduces the muscles fatigue and increase muscle strengths.

Clinical studies on Mass Up Capsule which contains Gokhru found significant increase in muscle mass and  sharp increase in body natural testosterone level after use of 60 days.

Use of Mysha Nutrition Mass Up Capsule for 60 days in Athletes found to be most effective performance and stamina booster.


  1. Safed Musli

    The Saponins present in safed musli makes this choice of herbs in herbal product for increasing muscle mass. These saponins resembles with the structure of testosterone. Safed Musli is found to be aphrodisiac and increase male sperms count. Research shows that Safed Musli increases the level of Human Growth hormone (HGH) which makes this an ideal herb for increasing muscle mass.


  1. Chamomile

    Chamomile which is known for Chamomile tea found to calm muscle spasm. Chamomile is a powerful muscle relexant and helps to prevent muscle stress. This in combination with other herbal Mass Up Ingredients shows synchronised results to gain muscle mass.


  1. Amla

    Known as Indian Goosberry found to reduce hypersensitivity & inflammation of muscles.

  2. Ginger

    Ginger reduces muscle soreness induced by exercises and speed up the recovery of muscles. More to this, Ginger helps to boost digestive system by increasing the bile secretion of Liver which in results increasing the Appetite.

Now, If you like to intake these ancient herbs yourself, lack of appropriate ratio could harm your body.

And that’s why, for the first time in India in 2017, Mysha Nutrition comes with the herbal formula in capsule form to boost muscle mass, Mass UP.

Mass UP assure the state of anabolism and so continue muscle growth. So, this is highly recommended that Mass UP should always be taken with high nutritional diet so that results can be maximised.

Mass UP Capsule can be taken by beginner to advance stage body builders. Beginner should take 1 serving or 2 capsules daily with warm milk or with any diet whereas Advance stage body builder should take 2 Capsules / 1 Serving two times daily with warm milk or diet.

Few of the Facts that You Must be Aware about Mass UP

  • Mass Up Capsule is not a steroid.
  • Mass UP Capsule has no side effect in its recommended daily dosage.
  • Mass UP capsule can be taken for a longer period to 1 year.
  • Mass UP capsule has excellent muscle building properties.
  • Mass UP can be used with other supplements like Protein or Gainer.
  • Mass UP Capsule increases whole body muscles and helps in gaining size & muscles.
  • Mass UP Capsule can be taken by any athletes having age more than 14 years.
  • Mass UP Capsule is manufactured under GMP & the central manufacturing Licence of FSSAI registration no. 10020064002309 which can be verified on the government website of FSSAI.


Bottom Line: Mass UP Capsule is extraordinary, result promising, specially engineered products for gaining Muscle Mass and increasing Muscle Strength.

If purchased, not to forget verifying your product from here: https://myshahealthworld.com/verify






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