Mass Up and Test HD Pro Combo ( Natural Muscle Mass Gaining Stack)

Mass Up and Test HD Pro Combo ( Natural Muscle Mass Gaining Stack)

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Lean Muscle Mass Gainer Formula

This is one of the finest product available till date to Gain Muscular Mass & Size.

Mass Up Capsule is a health supplement & flagship product of Mysha Health World. This is a best natural, herbal formulation with no side effects.

The food supplement has time tested herbal extracts with high potency, useful in strengthening muscles and gaining muscles.

Test HD Pro is a natural formulation, blend of potent extracts scientifically formulated.

Features of Test HD Pro Capsule:
Increase lean muscular mass
Increase workout stamina, energy & strength
Speed up recovery
Promote fat loss & muscle gain
Boost free testosterone



How to Use:

Serving Size : 1 Capsule of Mass Up and 1 Capsule of Test HD Pro

It is recommended to take 1 serving two times a day with warm milk or protein for better results.


This supplement has potential to increase muscular strength & body muscles size.

This Pack Will include 60 Capsules of Mysha Nutrition Mass Up and 60 Capsules of Mysha Nutrition Test HD Pro.


✅Increase muscular size & strength.

✅Increase blood flow in muscles so speed up recovery.

✅Boosts natural testosterone

✅Improves liver function by increasing bile juice secretion

✅Increase digestion & metabolism.

✅Increase appetite, consumption and absorption of the nutrients required for the body.

✅Boost free testosterone