Mysha Nutrition Antigluco Capsules (Maintain Blood Sugar Level) 60 Cap.


Brand Mysha Nutrition
Flavour Unflavoured
Net Quantity 60.00 count
Item Form Capsule

✅ Reduce after effect of glucose·

✅ maintain blood sugar level·

✅ reduce insulin resistance·

✅ provide nutritional support·

✅ provides strength to the nerves·

AntiGluco Capsule

Maintain Blood Sugar Level


Diabetes is mainly a lifestyle disease in which level of glucose increase in the blood.

Level of glucose is monitored & regulated by our insulin hormone produced by beta cells of pancreas. Insulin converts glucose into glycogen and so decrease glucose level in the blood.

Normal level of Glucose in blood:

  • Before Breakfast : less than or equal to 100 mcg/dl,
  • After meal: less than or equal to 130 mcg/dl

So diabetes can be divided into:

  • Type 1 Diabetes: In this type, insulin production stops permanently either due to beta cell damages which produce insulin or insulin do not release by birth. Type 1 diabetes is rare.


  • Type 2 Diabetes: Almost 90% of patients are suffered from type 2 diabetes or insulin dependent diabetes. Type 2 diabetes starts as insulin resistance.


Insulin Resistance: Main function of insulin is to digest blood glucose. So whenever we eat food, food get digested in the stomach and convert into glucose which goes to blood. As the glucose increase in our blood, this leads to the production of insulin from the beta cells of pancreas. So when we eat excessive food or inappropriate food, production of insulin increases. So every time pancreas try to keep blood glucose level in healthy limit. But when glucose level excessively, production of insulin either reduce or stop. This is called Insulin Resistance.


So, in type 2 diabetes Beta cells of pancreas become resistant to glucose & does not produce insulin or produce in lesser amount and this leads to diabetes.


  • Gestational Diabetes: This type of diabetes occurs in pregnancy only. In pregnancy, insulin blocking hormones releases in the body and so glucose level increases in the blood which is called as Gestational Diabetes.

Consequence / effects of diabetes:

  • Cause weakness of nerves which leads to numbness & pain in the feet.
  • Leads to neuropathy like weakness of eyes.
  • Decrease muscular fitness and decrease sexual performance.
  • Damages organ of our body like kidney, liver etc.


Features of AntiGluco Capsule:
·      Reduce after effect of glucose
·      maintain blood sugar level
·      reduce insulin resistance
·      provide nutritional support
·      provides strength to the nerves
·      prevent from nerves weakness
·      increases insulin sensitivity
·      helps in regeneration of beta cells of pancreas which produce insulin
·      prevents from oxidative damages.



Ingredients of AntiGluco Capsule:

Gymnema Extract : Gudmar / Sugar Killer: stimulate insulin production & helps in regeneration of beta cells of pancreas.
Ginseng Extract: lower & stabilize the bood sugar level.
Cinnamon Extract: increases insulin sensitivity & makes insulin more efficient to sugar.
Curcumin: stabilize the sugar level in the blood.
Karela Extract: Karela extract contains insulin like polypeptide p-insulin which together with insulin reduces blood sugar level.
Tulsi Extract: improve pancreatic beta-cell function and insulin secretion.
Fenugreek extract: contains fibra that slow digestion and absorption of carbohydrates & sugar.
Neem Extract: is full of flavonoids, terpenoids, glycosides & antiviral compound which manages blood sugar level and ensure no surge in glucose.
Amla Extract: reduce oxidative damages & improve glucose metabolism.
Moringa: contains polyphenols such as quarcitin 3 glyucosides, rutin, kaempferol which decrease blood sugar level.
Vijaysar:  lower the symptoms of diabetes like frequent urination, over eating, regular thirsts & burning sensation in palms & soles. Vijaysar reduces blood sugar level.
Haritaki Extract: Haritaki increase the production of insulin from the beta cells of pancreas.
Chiraita Extract: decrease glucose resistance & increase glucose tolerance.
Jamun Extract: contains jamboline which cut blood sugar level.
Gokhru / Tribulus Extract: prevents after effect of diabetes / sugar and improve libido in man & women.
Ashwagandha Extract: increase strength and reduce blood sugar.


How to Use:

Serving Size: 2 Capsules

It is recommended to take 1 serving two times a day half an hour before meal.

Precautions: It is advised to avoid sweets, junk & oily food. Also please avoid spicy & sore food. Moreover, please take healthy and complete food while using this supplement.

Bottom Line: AntiGluco capsule is a combination of 19 powerful antihyperglycemic, time tested herbal extracts which maintain blood sugar level with no side effects.

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