Mysha Nutrition XBOL Fast Absorption Ultra Concentrate Pre-Workout Formula (250gm, Pack of 1)


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Welcome to the world of XBOL, where cutting-edge science meets premium performance. Our pre-workout supplement is meticulously crafted to elevate your workout experience. From intense muscle pumps to unwavering focus, XBOL delivers results. Our formula is designed to provide you with the energy, endurance, and stamina you need to push your limits and achieve your fitness goals. Fuel your ambition with XBOL and experience the difference in your workout today!

Intense Muscle Pump Formula
Unlock your potential with XBOL!
Our formula delivers an intense muscle pump, enhancing your workout experience. Fuel your muscles and maximize your gains with XBOL’s cutting-edge blend. Experience the difference today!
Best Pre-Workout Supplement 2024
Elevate your workouts with XBOL!
Our powerful formula delivers intense energy, helping you push harder and go further. Fuel your ambition with XBOL’s premium blend. Experience the energy boost you need to crush your fitness goals!
Boost Energy, Endurance, and Focus
Stay sharp with XBOL!
Our formula enhances focus, helping you stay on target during workouts. Experience laser-sharp concentration and elevate your performance with XBOL’s premium blend. Achieve your fitness goals with enhanced focus and clarity!
Best Pre-Workout Supplement
Unleash your endurance with XBOL!
Our advanced formula boosts stamina, allowing you to push through tough workouts. Experience unmatched endurance and reach new fitness heights with XBOL’s premium blend. Elevate your performance today!
Feel the pump and power through your workouts with XBOL Intense pre-workout supplement’s Muscle Pump & Energy Matrix.
This dynamic blend includes beta-alanine, L-arginine, and L-citrulline. Beta-alanine helps reduce muscle fatigue, allowing you to push harder for longer. L-arginine and L-citrulline boost nitric oxide production, enhancing blood flow to muscles for increased pump and nutrient delivery. Experience a surge of energy and endurance with XBOL Intense pre workout.
Support your overall health and energy levels with XBOL Intense pre-workout supplement’s Vitamin Matrix.
This essential blend includes vitamin B12, B6, B3, and vitamin C. Vitamin B12 and B6 play crucial roles in energy production and metabolism, helping you power through your workouts. Vitamin B3 supports cardiovascular health and nutrient metabolism. Vitamin C boosts the immune system and aids in collagen production for healthy muscles and joints. Enhance your workout experience and support your body’s overall health with XBOL Intense pre workout.
Maximize your workout performance with XBOL Intense pre-workout supplement’s Performance Matrix.
This powerful blend includes creatine, taurine, l-glycine, betaine, beetroot root, and black pepper extract. Creatine enhances ATP production, boosting strength and endurance. Taurine supports muscle hydration and electrolyte balance, while l-glycine aids in muscle growth and repair. Betaine enhances muscle endurance and power output. Beetroot root provides nitric oxide for improved blood flow and stamina. Black pepper extract enhances nutrient absorption, ensuring you get the most out of every ingredient. Fuel your performance with XBOL Intense pre workout.
Experience enhanced mood and excitement with our XBOL Intense pre-workout supplement’s Mood Enhancer Matrix.
Formulated with Rhodiola rosea and choline bitartrate, this unique blend is designed to support mental clarity and elevate your workout experience. Rhodiola rosea, known for its adaptogenic properties, helps the body adapt to stress, while choline bitartrate supports cognitive function. Elevate your mood and enhance your focus for a more productive workout with XBOL Intense pre workout.
Elevate your focus and alertness with XBOL Intense pre-workout supplement’s Alertness & Focus Matrix.
This specially formulated blend contains a fixed dose combination of caffeine, N-acetyl-L-tyrosine, and L-theanine. Caffeine provides a quick energy boost, while N-acetyl-L-tyrosine supports cognitive function and mental alertness. L-theanine promotes a calm yet focused state, balancing out the stimulating effects of caffeine. Stay sharp and focused throughout your workout with XBOL Intense pre workout.


Discover unbeatable prices of pre workout supplement XBOL, the ultimate pre-workout supplement. Elevate your workouts with our premium blend at affordable prices. Experience intense energy, focus, and endurance without breaking the bank. Fuel your fitness journey with affordable yet high-quality formula of Mysha Nutrition XBOL. Shop now and transform your workouts!


Experience the XBOL difference! Unlike other pre-workouts that can leave you itching, restless, or with high blood pressure, XBOL is safe and goal-oriented. Say hello to focused, effective workouts without the unwanted side effects. Elevate your fitness journey with XBOL’s superior formula today!

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4 Servings, 30 Servings

Directions For Use

XBOL should be taken 8.3gm about 1 Scoop 20-30 minutes before workout with 250 ml of water. XBOL should not be taken more than 2 serving per day. Beginners should start with 4gm about half scoop.

Google Reviews

Binud Munda
Binud Munda
Very nice product main 1 month use Kiya achcha result Mila hai 🥰
Shweta Kadian
Shweta Kadian
I am getting good results with tojoint.
Ashish Garg
Ashish Garg
Provides many product, among them I consumed MassUp, is extremely helpful in body planning. After this I used mysha nutrition shaktisutra to raise my testosterone level. After using for 3 month, my testosterone level increased to 600.
Jatin Chaudhary
Jatin Chaudhary
After using mysha nutrition Shaktisutra for 110 days, i am feeling much confident and energetic. But if you want to feel results, you have to take it atleast for 20 days. May be this takes time as it is purely natural but this is good product.
Amarnath Kumar
Amarnath Kumar
Patla hone ke liye black python muje bahut suit Kiya
Pratibha Thakur
Pratibha Thakur
I lost 13 kg in 5 month. Due to thyroid, i become fatty. Now i am taking mysha Nutrition SpeedoSlim from last 5 month, i am getting good results without any side effects.
Bipin Kumar
Bipin Kumar
After uses of many products, I find a product mysha nutrition shaktisutra which gives me genuine results to increase my performance and energy.
suraj bisht
suraj bisht
Nice product
Rajat bajaj
Rajat bajaj
Good product and its results too
Hey everyone mysha nutrition is best for muscle gain and it is all vegan it has best results and I’m alsi an health and fitness influencer I recommend you to this product and it is budget friendly also

20 reviews for Mysha Nutrition XBOL Fast Absorption Ultra Concentrate Pre-Workout Formula (250gm, Pack of 1)

  1. Badal

    I loved Mysha Nutrition Products. I got the opportunity to be the part of sample checking of XBol while testing before launch. I tried 8 different samples on the interval of 7-8 days. Company has launched XBOL after a long research. Finally when I got final pre-workout which is in market, is great in results. Really this was a great thing that I got this opportunity.

  2. Sabresh dinath

    I used multiple pre-workout before using Mysha Nutrition XbOl Pre-workout and I will say this is great in taste and good in muscle pumping ability.

  3. Amit tyagi

    XBOL best pre-workout supplement

  4. Dharm kajanchi

    Bhai XbOl pre-workout peene ke baad khujli bahut kam hai

  5. Vijay

    I am using this product from last 10 days and every time, I drink I got a new energy, great excitement level and good muscle Pump. XBOL is the best pre-workout supplement, good in taste, I took orange flavour.

  6. Naveen jai

    Nice product

  7. Emmolv

    Mild itching
    Good taste
    Good Muscle Pump
    Good excitement
    Good Focus
    XBOL pre-workout works for 2-3hours

  8. Sonu dhir

    Mysha Nutrition XBOL PRE-WORKOUT se muje bahut accha Muscle Pump, Focus or energy mili. Lekin peene ke baad khujli bahut kam hui

  9. admin

    nice results

  10. Aditya

    Bahut acche results mile muje XbOl se

  11. Akshad

    Orange Taste is rasna orange

  12. Harender

    XBOL is the best health supplement to improve weight lifting capacity.

  13. Vikas yadav

    XBOL Most awaited supplement, was waited from 10 months around. Now I got this but this is amazing supplement

  14. Vimal garg

    Really XbOl pre-workout depicts train beyond limits

  15. Prarth

    Honest review of Mysha Nutrition XBOL- I take this supplement 20 -25 minutes before breakfast for last 30 days. I found good taste, ultimate power to lift heavy weight and great stamina. If anyone want to buy good pre-workout with mild itching, XBOL is the best pre-workout supplement.

  16. Ganesh Acharya

    Next level, must try pre-workout supplement XBOL

  17. Gaurav Grover

    Mysha Nutrition XBOL is the Best pre-workout supplement, I ever used.

  18. Paras Dhiman

    No itching or very low itching

  19. Rajkumar g

    XBOL is tried & tested for me, no side effects seen

  20. Vicky Sabharwal

    Awesome 👍

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